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Hey there, I’m Matthew Amador.

I’m a queer, Mexican-American, comic book enthusiast who believes you are inherently awesome, and that sometimes our awesomeness needs to be recalibrated from time to time.

My story began working on reality-based projects in the US and Europe. It felt rewarding to bring people’s lived experiences to the forefront and lift up unique voices. Leaning into my values, I stepped away from entertainment and towards clinical social work. I trained in spaces committed to promoting the empowerment of LGBTQ+ community members and those living with HIV/AIDS, and providing necessary behavioral support at the community level.

In therapy, I believe your personal experiences and intersecting identities should influence the narrative of the therapeutic journey. Your story needs to be told, and it needs to be understood. If you find peace by escaping into books, movies, or music, let’s examine how these elements can inspire transformative processes. If your cultural upbringing instilled values or practices that seem to be at odds with what’s around you, we can attempt to broker a peace. If kink headspace provides you with stress relief, let’s look at building a bridge for that energy into your normie life.

Whether meeting individually, or as a part of a relationship or polycule, I value us working together towards opportunities for new growth and a better sense of self-awareness. I lean into somatic, psychodynamic, feminist, and cognitive-behavioral theories, but it’s you as the human being sitting across from me who ultimately guides it.

Matthew Amador, LCSW, points emphatically to make a point
Matthew Amador, LCSW, really making a point
DePaul University
MSW, 2016
Northwestern University
BS, 2002
IL License #149.022197

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