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Affirming Care for
love, sex, & gender rebels


Navigating the complexities of life in a heteronormative world

Processing Trauma

Coming out of the dark and making sense of the journey afterwards

Relational Diversity

Guidance on issues in consensual non-monogamy, polyamory, or The Lifestyle

Neurodiverse Solutions

Finding solutions that accommodate for ADHD or ASD neural pathways

Anxiety & Depression

Finding ways to engage with the world when all feels hopeless or overwhelming

affirming therapy services

where your uniqueness is not centered as the problem

MATADOR takes an intersectional approach towards helping you reclaim agency in your life so that you can move forward courageously, confidently, and authentically in your own decisions.

Matthew Amador, LCSW

What We Offer


Tradtitional, one-on-one therapy services


Space for couples, triads, or various constellations


Dynamic presentations to enrich your classroom or workspace

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